Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Handbook entry: 2020.

My working plan

Core units
Complete all of these units

  C R T1 T2 T3  
PSYC101         Introductory Psychology I
PSYC102         Introductory Psychology II
BCSS100         Judgment and Decision Making: Logic and Behaviour
PSYC200         Social Psychology
PSYC202         Research Methods and Statistics
PSYC206         Cognitive Psychology
PSYC213         Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSYC366         Biopsychology
PSYC371         Psychological Testing
PSYC372         Advanced Research Methods and Statistics

Listed units
Complete ≥36cp from this list, ≥30cp coded PSYC

  C R T1 T2 T3  
PSYC304         Health Psychology
PSYC306         Organisational Psychology
PSYC307         Motivation and Emotion
PSYC308         Sport and Exercise Psychology
PSYC309         Cognitive Affective and Social Neuroscience
PSYC314         Behaviour Modification
PSYC315         Environmental Psychology: How to Tame an Ecological Serial Killer
PSYC316         Psychology of Perception
PSYC363         Abnormal Psychology
PSYC399         Special Topics in Psychological Research
SOCY345         Mixed Methods in Social Research

Complete 48cp from any units offered by the University, including more of the "listed units" above

  C R T1 T2 T3  
PHIL102         The Art of Good Thinking
PHIL150         Introduction to Philosophy B: Introduction to Metaphysics
PHIL151         Introduction to Philosophy A: Ethics, the Self and the Possibilities of Freedom
PHIL304         Philosophy of Science
PHIL330         Elementary Logic
NEUR331         Neurobiology I
NEUR332         Neuroanatomy
NEUR333         Neurobiology II
NEUR334         Neurobiology of Developmental, Cognitive and Affective Disorders
NEUR335         Clinical Neuroscience
NEUR337         Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour
NEUR538         Clinical Processes in Neuroscience

Complete PSYC421-424 and either PSYC402H or PSYC403H

  C R T1 T2 T3  
PSYC421         Professional Practice 1
PSYC422         Advanced Research Skills
PSYC423         Professional Practice 2
PSYC424         Advanced Topics in Psychology
PSYC402H       Psychology Honours Thesis
PSYC403H       Psychology Honours Thesis: Neuroscience